Can manufacturing companies increase sales with digital presentations?

Manufacturing companies have always been challenged with vast amounts of information, they crave a simple yet engaging sales tool… but can digital technology really drive sales?

Consistency within sales and marketing material is a problem across all sectors but manufacturing companies often have lots of information which is very technical and needs to be disseminated into clear unique selling points. The risk of being lost in a blizzard of technical information is all too evident, leaving sales teams struggling to construct clear, concise and consistent sales presentations.

Having worked with many manufacturing businesses in my 20 years’ experience in creative design and digital technologies, I’ve seen a common thread of pain points linking manufacturing sales teams. Even when a consistent tone is used and when brand power is reached, finding a sales tool that matches the innovation of their core products in a dynamic way is challenging. Branding can often become weakened if a consistent message does not radiate out across each channel.

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Is there more to sales tools than uninspiring PowerPoint presentations? 
Can marketing material work in synergy to increase sales?

This is where manufacturing companies are now discovering the power of touchscreen interactive presentations as a new way to provide a clear yet powerful sales presentation. Used to support the customer journey, an interactive presentation displayed on a tablet device such as an iPad, can bring together information from literature, video, case studies, slideshows, flow diagrams and whitepapers into one unique animated experience. Manufacturing sales teams also benefit from moving seamlessly between information so that client meetings and exhibition demonstrations can flow effortlessly to answer questions in a non-linear conversation.

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Manufacturing companies are also experiencing the benefits that an offline sales tool can bring to closing a project order. This ensures the use of interactive presentations can take place anywhere, without the constraints of poor internet access. Where preparation and professionalism is king, having a dependable, consistent, robust sales tool that allows for the delivery of a dynamic sales presentation every time is key. Exhibitions and shows have seen a sharp increase in using interactive touchscreen presentations, as a clear, quick and impactful way of attracting news sales enquiries.  It’s not hard to see why the manufacturing industry are turning to interactive touchscreen presentations to give them that competitive edge.

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