“Death by PowerPoint” – what are the alternatives?

Whether it’s training, client meetings or seminars, we’ve all been there. “Death by PowerPoint” has dominated businesses for decades, but is the fog starting to lift? Is there a better, more engaging, way to capture attention and encourage discussion?
It’s been estimated by the Financial Times that a massive 81% of business presentations fail and that 75% of UK managers find them boring. PowerPoint presentations have long been the go-to tool for conveying information to sales teams and pitching for new business, but why?

Don't get comfortable!

With PowerPoint presentations comes an element of comfort, as that’s what people expect, a knowledge and acceptability that if I do this right I’ll have done my job. But although PowerPoint presentations are easy to construct and relatively easy to deliver, their engagement level is very low. Within a matter of minutes, the audience starts to switch off as overloaded slides filled with text are shown, following a rigid path defined by the presenter.

But what if there was a more dynamic way to deliver this same information, not following a rigid path but instead responding to the needs of the recipient and the audience? Now with the rise of promotional videos being used as a cost-effective resource for sales and marketing purposes and social media adding a more visual experience to everything we do, the static PowerPoint presentation is needing to evolve and move with the times.

Driving engagement is the focus of interactive technologies which bring together all aspects of promotional media. Yes, information from the PowerPoint presentations is used, but cleverly mixed with a dynamic blend of video, imagery, animation and motion graphics. Where a picture is said to paint a thousand words… the world of interactive presentations has endless possibilities.

I'm having problems connecting to your wi-fi...

Interactive presentations give peace of mind that its offline technology will work when you need it to, as it doesn’t rely on the mercy of a robust internet connection. But by far the biggest benefit is its ability to bring your story to life… effortlessly moving between media formats in one, easy to use, interactive presentation platform. Simple navigation can take you in any direction, at any point in the presentation, and what’s more the recipient always remains in control of what they see and when they see it.

More than just a presentation tool, interactive presentations reflect and elevate your brand, becoming part of your business identity. If you would like to discuss the latest interactive technologies with our StiloTouch suite of packages, please give me a call on +44 (0)1905 371 374 or email hello@brandstilo.co.uk.