Live Plants & Calming Chaos

This month we have been looking at our green wall and wondered how many other offices have this luxury and what are the benefits of having one in your home or office space.

Living green walls are installed on a framework of panels and using hydroponics grown vertically in a space. They are an amazing way to bring the outdoors in. Green walls naturally remove carbon dioxide. They can also minimize dust, reduce pollutants, detoxify the office environment and possibly assist in minimizing the effects of sick building syndrome. Adding plants is a great way to improve the air quality in your office.

Plants can act as an insulator in the winter thereby reducing energy costs. Through the process of evapotranspiration, plants can also cool a building in the summer.

Studies show that green walls can be up to 32°C cooler than conventional walls, and reduce air temperature around them by up to 4°C


Approximately 25% of carbon emissions made by human activity are absorbed by plants, and living walls contribute to that absorption


Other benefits of a green wall include noise reduction. Plants can also reduce high frequency sounds, which makes them ideal for reducing noise in a busy office lobby or meeting room.


We feel we must also address that fact that many of us striving for ways to improve employee productivity and wellbeing or create a positive impression on our clients through the design of an office environment.


‘Creating a beautiful environment to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and an unrivalled experience for our customers is very much at the heart of our approach. When visiting Smeg St James’s, you’ll instantly notice the stunning floor to ceiling living wall, comprising lush greens with white and silver accents, a constant source of inspiration and purified, clean air on tap for our staff and customers alike’



Several studies have shown significant benefits in terms of productivity and creativity when we see plants whilst carrying out tasks. This leads to potential return on investment. It’s also more enjoyable for employees and easier to concentrate whilst working.


Enriching a previously spartan space with plants served to increase productivity by 15%


Research has shown that 94% of staff view their working environment as a reflection of how they are valued as employees but only 39% feel that their working environment has been designed with them in mind. Echo Research reported that employees said that they would feel 62% more motivated if their employers made more of an effort to improve their surroundings and that they would be 30% more productive as a result. Factors such as natural light, good ventilation and greenery were found to be the most important factors for workplace satisfaction in office design.


At Stilo we have our very own green wall. It serves not only as pleasing to the eye with all the other benefits already outlaid but also a great design reference and perfect for the odd photo shoot.


Why not stop at just the office! Many homes now have living plants or green walls within different spaces from bathrooms to outdoor to the living room and even the kitchen.


Would you have a green wall in your office or home?


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