Advanced Manufacturing. Advanced Engagement.

As a leader in your field you need to demonstrate your knowledge and technical ability quickly, professionally – and with impact. Welcome to StiloTouch.

Your manufacturing expertise. Showcased with ease.

You’re an expert at what you do – all you need is your team to demonstrate this. We specialise in helping advanced manufacturers and technology-based innovators showcase their expertise through the latest interactive digital sales and marketing tools. Our highly-immersive and engaging platform positions your business as a leader by bringing together a dynamic mix of video content, product specifications, interactive tap points, comparison data and case studies. Equip your team with StiloTouch, and take your sales and marketing presentations to a whole new level.

Everything you need. Whenever you need it.

You know the scenario. You’ve got company presentations and product information, the videos and the spec sheets – but it’s all a bit of a jumble. In a meeting you’re left trying to find them, and that never looks professional. Worse, you might not have everything you need ready, or don’t bother showing those videos (which were expensive to produce) because they are not to hand. We want to change that. We’re experts in developing interactive digital presentations that take your team to the next level: helping them create the ‘wow factor’, develop meaningful conversations and drive sales.

Be ready to react – with flair.

That linear slidedeck doesn’t cut it any more. Slide 1 > Slide 2 > Slide 3? Often conversations take a different, unexpected route. Ensure you’re ready to react with the ability to move seamlessly and professionally from one topic to another. Transition from company information to detailed product specifications at a tap. Dive deeper and launch an application video, or pull up an animated ROI comparison. Whatever you need it’s all there and ready to go – keeping the conversation relevant, focussed and memorable.

Global team. Local expertise.

Managing sales and marketing assets across a team can be a challenge. Does everyone have the latest documents? Have they adjusted them to their own needs? Keeping the message consistent, relevant and up-to-date is crucial to presenting your expertise. StiloTouch gives the whole team a common platform, containing everything they need to engage and deliver results – whether they are in the same office, around Europe, or worldwide.


Works the way you want to.

Now, more than ever, teams need to be agile and dynamic. The way you work, and the opportunities to start conversations, flex constantly. Whether online, working from home, in a 1-2-1 meeting or presenting to the board, StiloTouch enables you to position your business as an authority and a leader. 

Multiple platforms? Not a problem. Get consistency whether on laptop or tablet, and across Windows, Mac and Android environments. 

After your meeting, send a weblink to view online, and start tracking those enquiries.

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"Stilo’s expertise has turned a ‘dry’ engineering presentation into a really inspiring narrative with the flexibility to take the conversation in any direction."

Marketing Director, IDEX Material Processing Technologies

"I instantly saw that StiloTouch could be used to present to all our stakeholders – dynamic and interactive. We now have a state-of-the-art presentation which will prove invaluable to our sales team."

Managing Director, Neoperl