Powder, granule and tablet handling experts

Matcon deliver top quality, flexible manufacturing system solutions for powder handling across industries including Pharmaceutical, Food, Infant Nutrition and Chemical. An international brand with complex and diverse regulatory requirements, they exhibit at industry shows and events globally.

After an extensive website redesign, Matcon felt they had established a consistent tone of voice and messaging yet did not have a tool for the sales team which matched their innovative and quality-driven business philosophy. For them a ‘dry’, lengthy and uninspiring PowerPoint did not fully demonstrate the culture and vision of the company and their world class team. To help them bring their product range to life and demonstrate their expertise at presentations and tradeshows, we developed a bespoke interactive digital presentation platform – StiloTouch.

StiloTouch brings together marketing assets such as video and slideshows, and combines them with animated product graphics, tap-points for interactive detail and a beautifully branded interface to create an innovative and immersive experience for their prospects and customers. An offline sales tool, the full content of StiloTouch is available wherever – and whenever – the team need it, with instant access to full screen video, motion graphics and animations.

Leave traditional linear slide-decks behind, and deliver the ‘WOW’ factor in your presentations. Use a dynamic mix of video, product specifications, animated content, comparison data, slideshows and case studies – offline, all the time.
That’s the StiloTouch difference.

We worked closely with Matcon to establish a bespoke structure for StiloTouch which addressed their customer journey, incorporated their extensive product range, and complemented their brand development work. We established different design styles for the three sections; Products, Industries and Company, aiding navigation and creating a deeper experience.

By grouping all product assets on a single page, the sales team could instantly bring up animated product features, video, technical drawings, slideshows and product options. Our StiloTouch Specialist suggested new ways of delivering information, building an animated tap-through timeline demonstrating ROI through a typical working day. With cross-links to different sections, and simple navigation throughout, the result is a truly bespoke non-linear experience which demands exploration.

A detailed approach to the structure at the start of the project meant the sales team are now able to deliver product content quickly, from wherever they are in a customer discussion. This allows them to be much more agile in a client meeting, demonstrating their understanding of their customer needs, and reacting to them with relevant, instant knowledge. This has resulted in increased team confidence, greater product awareness and a reduction in time needed with the customer.

"Stilo worked with us to create a digital interactive StiloTouch for our Global Sales Team to use when presenting to customers. Their expertise has turned a ‘dry’ engineering presentation into a really inspiring narrative with the flexibility to take the conversation in any direction. So much more adaptable than a linear powerpoint presentation, where the point you might want to make sits 20 slides ahead!"

Marketing Director, Matcon