Motion Graphics Design Studio

Animation grabs attention. A natural extension to video story-telling, animation and motion graphics bring life to written content, explain processes clearly and educate your audience.

An accessible and comprehensive mode of short storytelling, motion graphics are being capitalised on by businesses looking to capture and engage their audiences. At Stilo we have the expertise to harness text, animation and motion graphics to produce showreels and exhibition presentations to enhance your visual presence.

We’ve helped many businesses to demonstrate complex products and processes with a memorable combination of on-screen text, graphics and content. The text can be animated and for some audiences this can be even more powerful than video. Benefits can be explained quickly and clearly while your key marketing messages are presented in an informative and imaginative way.


Use motion graphics to bring a process or workflow to life  – facilitating understanding of your business, and the benefit you bring. Careful storyboarding enables you to tell your story quickly, effectively and memorably, and works really well embedded in a website or on social media.

Explainer videos

One of the key advantages of explainer videos is that they simplify even the most complex of processes. We use a combination of motion graphics, animation, live video, imagery and audio to build a compelling storyline. A perfect solution for manufacturing, technical and engineering companies.

Social Media

Video continues to be one of the most powerful forms of content on social media and having bespoke video shorts tailored for each channel offers excellent ROI. Our Social Shorts deliver immediate impact through a combination of animation, video and motion graphics – all in a cost-effective price package.

Find our more about our Social Shorts.


Promotional videos are a vital element of your digital marketing strategy as they offer a consistently high level of engagement. Using motion graphics enables us to encapsulate and then highlight key marketing messages with speed and creativity. Perfect for use online, at events or social media.

Recent Motion Graphics Projects

"Ian is a pleasure to work with. He makes sure that he fully understands and interprets what we are trying to achieve even sometimes with a minimal brief. Ian has delivered projects which have been spot on, first time and in a timely manner."

Campaign Manager, OCR

"Ian has been instrumental in producing new material for our telemetry services. His innovative approach and focused project planning has helped us to deliver promotional and training systems in budget and on schedule."

Market Manager, Fleet Management Systems, Scania (Great Britain) Ltd