Creative Design

Our experienced team work with you to originate memorable and creative design for brand, literature and display that will earn you the attention you deserve.

Digital Presentations

Showcase business expertise with StiloTouch: our next-generation interactive sales presentation platform, driving engagement through offline video, motion graphics and animated content. 

Motion Graphics

By combining video, text, animated motion graphics and 2D and 3D modelling, we can help you explain processes, products and benefits in an engaging and imaginative way.

Video Production

Whether a company showreel, tutorial, event video or case study – video is a great way to engage your audience and encapsulate your key messages: quickly, simply and effectively.

Your business expertise – seen and heard

We give you the tools to get customer conversation flowing and your business messages seen and heard . We’re not afraid to challenge convention, and have plenty of experience in creating original and thought-provoking visual material to help business leaders grab attention and achieve their goals.

Dynamic and eye-catching graphic design is at the heart of everything we do, whether it be impactful business literature, interactive digital sales presentations or motion graphics which bring your products and services to life.

Discover StiloTouch.
The next generation in digital sales presentations.


Fundamentally, all business owners want the same thing: to generate good quality leads, increase their revenue and grow their business. But in order to achieve these goals, your potential customer has to understand exactly how your product or service works and, more importantly, the benefit to them. That’s where StiloTouch comes in.

Our team of experts work alongside you to create innovative digital sales presentations which engage through offline video, animated product content, case studies and motion graphics. The result? An empowered sales and marketing team who can deliver attention-grabbing presentations: any time, any place, anywhere.

Our passion is to help businesses grab attention, look their best and communicate with clarity. Our clients are a wonderful, diverse mix of different sizes and sectors: from local SMEs to advanced manufacturers, science and MedTech to education, from transport to health & beauty. We love the variety!

"Stilo’s expertise has turned a ‘dry’ engineering presentation into a really inspiring narrative with the flexibility to take the conversation in any direction."

Marketing Director, IDEX Material Processing Technologies

"Ian provided an invaluable and previously unattainable level of insight and creativity to our product and brand in its communication to the market."

Senior Product Manager, Stanley Engineered Fastening