The StiloTouch Difference

StiloTouch interactive presentations offer a dynamic way to help sales and marketing teams drive sales through a rich mix of media sources, brought together into one digital hub of information. Using product literature and technical specifications, effortlessly blended with video, imagery and case studies, StiloTouch takes the marketing of your business to a whole new level.

In one touch, sales teams can harness the power of an interactive presentation and utilise them at exhibitions, client meetings, product launches and press events as a innovative / unique way of demonstrating slick and seamless information. Beyond a standard PowerPoint presentation, StiloTouch is an extension of your brand, and reflects the culture, expertise and technical excellence in your organisation.

Position your brand, and business, as a leader.

Used across a wide range of industries and applications, StiloTouch is ideal for any business that needs to pack a punch to their products. StiloTouch draws out the key benefits and adds flexibility to the sales process. Perfect for manufacturing, technology, transport, medical and the marine industries, the flexibility that StiloTouch demonstrates is far and wide. Global deployment of StiloTouch ensures product launches are instantaneous, maximising every sales opportunity.

Access all your content, all the time.

As StiloTouch is an offline solution, your interactive presentation can be used anytime, anywhere. Without the worry of failing wireless networks, your sales teams will have the confidence to deliver a stunning presentation… at any location, at any time of the day. Once engaged in a sales demonstration, StiloTouch is easy to use, needs no training and can be used to explain complex information with structured navigation.

Dynamically non-linear. Go with the flow.

StiloTouch brings all your sales and marketing material together in one offline, easy-to-navigate experience.
And, unlike other presentation platforms, we make it easy to move seamlessly from one section to another – instantly, and without delay. So for example, if you’re deep into explaining some product features, and you’re asked about ROI, you can quickly bring up key data to support your conversation – without having to search for it and stopping the discussion.