Interactive Digital Sales Presentations

Showcase your business expertise, grab attention and leverage sales with the next generation in digital marketing presentation tools.

Welcome to StiloTouch.
The next generation in digital sales presentations.

How would you describe your sales presentation? Is it exciting or slightly boring? Does it demonstrate the quality of your product or service? Does it position your business, your products or your services where they deserve to be?

StiloTouch interactive presentations offer a dynamic way to help sales and marketing teams drive sales through a rich mix of media, brought together into one digital hub of information. 

Imagine the difference to your sales conversations if you could instantly bring up animated product content, launch an example offline video, or use motion graphics to capture imagination? 

StiloTouch takes the marketing of your business to a whole new level.

With over 25 years experience in telling our clients’ stories, we’re experts in integrated promotion. StiloTouch was born from a desire to help businesses get more from their sales and marketing: more engagement, more innovation – and more results.

Your virtual presentation partner

StiloTouch is perfectly suited to the new remote-working business landscape we find ourselves in. Screen share StiloTouch via Teams or Zoom for the ultimate instant presentation experience – ready when you are. It’s dynamic structure means it’s easy to let the conversation flow and not follow a rigid slide-by-slide format. Bring up full-screen video, animated product details or comparison data. Get creative, and look your best!

Showcase your expertise

Impact and consistency of message is guaranteed. The ability to deliver offline, at any time and any place makes it ideal for sales teams spread around different locations. Our understanding our your business and customer journey enables to build a platform which enables the presenter to customise content to questions being asked. No more slide-by-slide linear delivery. So, for example, if the customer ask about specific product details, a demonstration video or sector-relevant information is ready at hand.

Deliver the WOW!

Your presentation should pack a punch and grab attention from the start. Our brand expertise ensures we tailor a solution specific to your needs, and we can build in features such as interactive tap-points and motion graphics to really make you stand out and position your business as a leader. You only get one chance to make that first impression, so make sure you look the best you can be!



Stilo’s interactive digital presentations are empowering sales teams across the world and are ideal for virtual meetings, company presentations, exhibitions and events. We don’t think you’ll find a better way to make a first impression. Find out how StiloTouch is helping global sales teams to showcase their expertise.

Bring product details to life

Share the knowledge. Dive deeper into product detail when asked. Instantly access technical specifications, comparison data and animations – bring product ranges to life with clear, easy-to-understand content. Or launch an application video to show it in action. It’s all just a tap or click away.



Customise and compare

Demonstrate product features or service levels quickly, easily and clearly. Use motion graphics and animation to highlight key metrics and performance data, or compare products (or the competition) side-by-side. In a busy visual world, our experience helps you tell more, with less – and be more memorable for it.

The StiloTouch Difference

With a StiloTouch interactive digital presentation you can relax in the knowledge that your sales teams are showcasing your expertise to the very best of their ability. Even the most complex information becomes engaging and understandable: a dynamic combination of video, animated product specifications, product comparisons and motion graphics that tells your own unique story.

Discover the StiloTouch difference for yourself.

"Stilo’s expertise has turned a ‘dry’ engineering presentation into a really inspiring narrative with the flexibility to take the conversation in any direction."

Marketing Director, IDEX Material Processing Technologies

"StiloTouch perfectly complements our branding and forward-looking approach to sales and marketing. Clients are impressed, and it has already shown a return on investment."

Founder, Sienna X