Why have an interactive presentation as well as a website?

In a world of information overload, is there a real need for an interactive presentation in addition to a website?

It seems that every day we wake-up to new technologies and new ways of communicating to say the same thing, but could your business be missing a trick with interactive presentations? We’ve known for many years that your website is the ‘shop window’ for your business, with your digital marketing strategy being increasingly important to stay competitive and extend the reach of your brand. Interactive technology captured in dynamic presentations doesn’t replace this but gives your sales and marketing the edge. How? By helping to tell your story and bring your brand to life in a centralised sales tool that can be used at exhibitions, client meetings, press conferences and in showrooms.

Seamless interaction of media

Unlike websites, interactive presentations blend all types of marketing material and media using animation in an easy to use touch screen navigation. This means they are perfect for one-to-one sales presentations as they allow discussions to flow in all directions, unlike a rigid sitemap structure typical of a website. Exploring complex and detailed information, interactive presentations can bring together information from product literature, case studies, whitepapers and promotional videos into a single platform. Quick and easy to use interactive presentations are the ultimate sales tool, helping to support the sales process and increase profits.

Offline technology gives flexibility and reliability

Interactive presentations are offline thus your sales teams can present using an interactive presentation anywhere, anytime. As the speed and reliability of internet connections varies greatly between locations, having an offline interactive sales tool safeguards your professionalism and ensures your sales team are always well prepared.

Interactive presentations are an innovative addition for your sales and marketing tool box, focused on building your brand and closing sales. If you would like to discuss the latest interactive technologies with our StiloTouch suite of packages, please give me a call on +44 (0)1905 371 374 or email hello@brandstilo.co.uk.