Why Stilo?

When it comes to business, we get where you’re coming from. You want results and so do we. Whether that’s enquiries at an exhibition, an email from a potential customer or interest resulting from a sales presentation that has made your audience go ‘wow!’.

Some examples of the success we have achieved for clients:

  • Helping a pharma manufacturer to reposition their brand image with potential clients through impactful and relevant literature.
  • Enabling a sales team to demonstrate their expertise through an innovative offline digital sales presentation.
  • Generating businesses growth by explaining a complicated process clearly and quickly through animated infographics.
  • Producing a series of informative and educational videos to deliver important health and safety content – clearly and quickly.

We tackle challenges head on with flair, originality and a sense of humour – working alongside you to devise a range of innovative solutions that help you build meaningful connections with your clients. We’re not afraid to challenge preconceptions, and suggest new and interesting ways of engaging with your customers.

The Stilo Story

The business environment can be tough. There’s a constant demand to stay relevant, demonstrate expertise and, most importantly, deliver growth. It’s hard to cut through the noise and it’s disappointing when you know your competitors are doing a better job of it than you are.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve talked to literally hundreds of business owners who have simply run out of ideas. They’re under pressure, often stressed and have realised they don’t know to overcome the challenges they’re facing.

Lately, we’ve been evaluating what Stilo is all about. What do we do, and why do we do it?

Essentially we’re problem-solvers. And we’re very good at it. We love to suggest new ways for businesses to do business! In the case of an advanced manufacturer for example, their products were quite complex and solved specific technical challenges. So we designed an interactive digital sales presentation that clearly explained all the features and benefits of their products, and allowed them to pull up animated data and walk-through explanatory videos. A world away from traditional slidedecks which leave you confused, not engaged.

The Result?

An empowered and educated sales team ready to showcase their expertise. Recently we were approached by a MedTech challenger brand which had developed an innovative product but didn’t know the best way to launch it. We helped them establish a powerful brand identity and designed presentation material that has helped position them in their market. There are countless other examples of how we have helped businesses to showcase their expertise through creative design for literature, a company video with motion graphics, or through our offline digital interactive sales presentation tools.

The reason why we do what we do is because we want our clients to look their best. It’s a fantastic feeling when they tell us about the difference we have made to their business communications. It’s transformational, and it’s achievable – we have the vision, expertise and drive to make it happen. Let’s talk!

"Stilo helped us to develop a complete new concept for our brand in Europe, which brought excellent results in our brand awareness. The end-result was of extremely high-quality and was used as the basis for global marketing."

Vice President, Sales and Marketing Europe, Stanley Engineered Fastening

"Stilo produced a video that really brought a demonstrable difference to the sales process, describing the features of our products in only a couple of minutes. This video has been asked for by several markets and with the help of Stilo we have spread the video worldwide."

Product Manager, Scania CV AB