Experts in High Performance Thinking

With their highly innovative approach in High Performance Thinking for business, Zentano had a clear coaching proposition which needed to be communicated clearly, effectively and with impact.

We worked closed with them on brand development to devise a flexible and dynamic identity which could be implemented across both print and digital channels – from a leaflet to presentation material or social media content. It needed to stand out in a busy marketplace, be recognisable, and memorable.

We helped devise a campaign strategy, and delivered it in across a range of product literature, design templates and animated comms for social media – all of which reinforced their brand image and created a strong local presence in the business community.

"Ian has a good eye for design and takes time to understand what a client needs and wants from him, working to a high quality and in a timely fashion. He is pragmatic when dealing with people and good at bringing people together for a common goal."

Dave Morris. Director, Zentano